Founded in 2005 in Starnberg, Germany, Torqeedo is the market leader in the fast growing electric outboard motor industry. Torqeedo’s range of high-tech outboards combine lithium batteries with leading-edge motor technology and propeller design to offer unrivalled strength and efficiency for superior range. In addition all Torqeedo systems offer ultra-light designs and intelligent information systems. With a broad product range of outboards ranging from 1 to 80 HP, as well as innovative accessories, including solar powered chargers and high-powered lithium batteries, Torqeedo’s products are environmentally-sound and truly pioneering, reflected in the numerous awards the products have won around the world. Torqeedo products are currently available in over 40 countries world-wide.
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CRUISE 2.0/4.0for motorboats on “Green Lakes”
and SAILBOATS up to 4 tons